Savitz has developed a network of strategic partners who provide the technologies required to achieve the insights you need to succeed in the new world of marketing, and the ever expanding digital environment.

The latest and most effective generation of technology for social media mining.

The most advanced technology utilzing GPS to better understand consumers and their shopping habits plus the ability to capture insights in-the-moment, i.e., while they are shopping.

A full suite of digital qualitative techniques and methods – digital ethnography, focus groups, bulletin boards and chats.

Brilliant community based platforms for conducting consumer/customer research and building brand advocates.

The leading mobile insights technology that enable point-of-experience insights for product usage, shopping, media consumption and more.

Focus Group Network – Savitz Field and Focus and Focus Coast to Coast bring you top-rated focus group facilities and services in 20+ primary and secondary markets across the U.S. and another 20+ markets across Europe, Central/South America, Asia and Canada.