Savitz Research Solutions

Savitz Research Solutions is a marketing research consultancy who has served leading brands in domestic and global markets for over 30 years. Our purpose is to create growth opportunities for our clients through a better understanding of “consumers” in the business-to-consumer environment and “buyers” in business-to-business markets. We accomplish this through our advanced insights frameworks that we have developed by way of formal marketing sciences training and our experiences over the years with some of the world’s leading brands.

Understanding the Consumer

Our methods for mapping the consumer experience make it possible for our clients to differentiate their brands and products in more meaningful ways and to create more valuable forms of innovation. Insights studies are executed within context, around important consumer issues such as: shopping, product usage, home life, digital living, personal care and brand affinity.

Navigating Business-to-Business Markets

In the business-to-business environment we have pioneered new insights methods for mapping the decision process and uncovering the KPIs and risk factors that drive decision-making. We focus on the “activation” of these insights for our BTB clients through development of decision tools such as: segmentation and targeting models, “tipping points” (conditions that drive the ultimate decision to purchase or switch) and mapping the decision-process to inform marketing initiatives and sales programs.

Unique Set of Insights Resources

Savitz has assembled a unique set of resources to support our insights engagements with our clients, including: proprietary insights frameworks (e.g., non-linear shopping process, product innovation, market structure models and customer decision-processes); online, phone and social media quantitative data collection methods, and consumer and business manager panels.

Savitz employs advanced research designs to uncover growth opportunities for our clients and provide the foundation for marketing strategy development. Our methods for market structure and consumer segmentation support innovative marketing solutions, from defining new markets and consumer targeting, through product mix optimization and channel, retail and communications programming.

Through application of new digital insights technologies (e.g., mobile /point of experience insights), we can be assured our clients are equipped with the best digital insights and strategies that are becoming more important in the ultimate desire to differentiate and achieve competitive advantage.

Another Savitz competency is in ROMI (return on marketing investment) analysis and modeling. Highly experienced marketing scientists employ the latest multivariate modeling methods to help companies optimize their offerings and measure the business impact of their marketing programs.

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